How long will my mural last?

Our artists use high-quality materials to create sustainable murals for outdoor artworks. Many of our clients have short leases and interior walls, so the artworks don’t need to be infinity proof.

How do payments work?

After receiving your inquiry about the job, one of our team members will say G’day and sort out the needs for the job.

It may take a visit to your space to see the wall involved.

If you’re unsure what you want, we offer consultations to get to the root of your needs. We then create a brief for our artists that will blow you away.

Once the needs of the job are understood, you receive a quote from us. We take a 50% upfront deposit which allows our artists to begin working on the idea and sketches for your wall. This covers any lifting equipment hire and materials.

Are there any health risks involved when an artist paints a mural?

Brush Project makes this process safe for everyone involved. Any artist we send out is covered with 20 million public liability insurance. If the job is an inside Mural, our artists use odorless paint, making it safe for everyone.

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