FAQ for Artists

Where are most of your mural jobs based?

The jobs will be all over Australia, predominantly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

How many mural artists will you have on the site? Is there a maximum?

There’s no maximum; the jobs will range from big to small, each job will be different.

As I’m already working as a mural artist and illustrator, would Brush Project be taking a percentage from jobs that I find myself?

We definitely wouldn’t be taking a percentage of your jobs outside Brush Project. Our goal is to get you more work on top of what you already have, not take money from you.

Would you decide on how much materials, travel expenses are and include them in the quote, or would you ask me to provide that info before you submit the quote to the client?

Our art director would quote the job first and discuss it with you once they’ve done it. If you’re not happy with the quote we can negotiate from there.

Will I have to do a lot of unpaid work?

There’s no chance of you doing unpaid work. You’re not locked into any contracts with us, if you don’t want to do the jobs we’re sending you, don’t do them. If you turn down a job from us, that’s completely fine. We’ll still be sending you offers until you tell us to go away.

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