Cherie Buttons



Experience: 10+ Years



Calligraphy, Realism
Mixed Media


Unique Ability

Any style
Any medium
Will travel

About This Artist

Cherie Buttons is a self-taught artist from Brisbane. She has been an artist her entire life but started working freelance 4 years ago. She now works full-time as an artist and often travels for her work, mainly between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Her work is very influenced by Japanese pop culture, the female form and her surroundings. Her work is very vectored and using bright colours and bold outlines giving her work a graphic look.

She tries to be versatile with her work and use different mediums whenever she can. Her favoured mediums are paper illustrations using ink and markers, digital work, acrylic on canvas and spray paint on walls. Her time is spent 50/50 working on her own projects and working on projects or commissions with other companies.

Some of her past clients are Westfield, The Galeries, Rolling Stone, Sailor Jerry and QIC. Some of the projects include live art activations, character design, murals, tutoring workshops.

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