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Murals get people excited. Big, beautiful pieces of eye catching art-work, turning people’s heads so fast they get whiplash.

Companies all around Australia are using Murals to funnel customers into their cafes, bars, clubs, even offices.

So, you have an image in your head and want it up on that big boring wall.

‘How do I hire someone to do this?’

‘How do I work out what muralists are right for my job?’

‘Why aren’t there any services out there to make this process easier?’

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

Brush Project has scouted the brightest and most talented artists from all around Australia. From Margaret River to Maroubra, we’ve got muralists with a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Don’t take our word for it; go to the main page search and refine your search for the styles you’re looking for.

Once you find one of our kick-ass artists, Brush Project will set up a meeting and you can go from there.

We make hunting for the perfect artist easy.

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Who Are We?


Brush Project is the best place to find and hire mural artists – no matter the job or the location!

Sam Shennan

Working as a mural artist himself, Sam realized how difficult it was for new clients to connect with their ideal artist. The interactive catalogue is his solution to let people to identify their style, and then connect with the artist.

Rhett Simons

Rhett is an active member of the art community in Australia, and immediately saw the value of an interactive artist catalogue. He works with the public to educate them about the new search tool, and on community engagement through social media.

The Client

At Brush Project, we make your vision come to life, which means that your project will be a unique product of artistic collaboration. We are excited to meet you, learn your vision, and connect you with your artist. Contact us directly, or connect with us on social media to begin a conversation there. Let’s get started!

Let us answer your questions!

What happens after I request an artist?

When we receive your information request, we get in touch with you to discuss your project and ensure a good fit between your project and the artist.

What if the artist I selected is booked?

If your preferred artist is booked, you have the choice to wait until they are available, or allow us to fit you with another artist suitable for your project.

What is your pricing?

Since all our artists are different, and all projects are different too, each project is priced individually. Please contact us so we can help you understand your project better.

Need more information?

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